2 years ago
alrighty…not kidding

Same woman from this morning calls back. acts like she hasn’t already called and orders the same exact thing for the funeral home and sounded completely rational. Go figure.


First call of the morning: a lady wants a huge, massive gorgeous flower and plant arrangement in a natural basket for a funeral home. She wants to know what is the largest, best arrangement and most money. 150., is the most you should spend because it will be spectacular and anything more is not necessary. Oh what if you spend $100.? (?) Of course, it will be beautiful.”Well, I only want to spend 100.00 w/ delivery and tax.”Okay I figure that out and say, that would be an 85. arrangement plus 6.50 delivery plus tax will bring you close to 100. She asks, is that going to be big? Is that going to be glorious?Me:Yes ma’am. If you only spent 25.00 we would make it beautiful. It would be small but beautiful. “Oh, its going to be small for 100.00?” No, I was just saying we make sure all of our flowers are beautiful when they go out the door even if they are only 25.00. So I try to change the subject. “what would you like to say on the card?” She: I don’t know if all this will fit or not…and then she gives me three lines of verse rapid fire to which I say: yes that will all fit but I only caught the first line. Can you repeat the second and third line? She does that. I say okay, how would you like to sign the card? Her reply:just cancel this just cancel it. ??????? I hope she calls back some day and tells me her medication was too strong ….OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WOULD HELP WITH AN EXPLANATION. Did I ask too many questions? I am WAAAAY confused.

2 years ago

People are adorable, aren’t they?

I am watching a young mother let her 2 or 3 year old toddler beat the crud out of my outdoor windchimes. She seems oblivious to the fact that the kid is being VERY rough. I’m actually ok with kids touching the chimes, etc. but this mother, like so many other mothers, is letting the kid go bananas. So I open the door and say in a sweet sing song voice: “gentle please, gentle.” At which the mother grabs the kid’s arm hard enough to pull it out of its socket causing the child to cry, naturally, while saying in a loud voice to any one who can hear within a 4 block radius, “Let’s get out of here. They are not very nice.” Now really, boys and girls, what did the mother teach her little sponge-like munchkin (that she will regret later)? That it is okay to be rough with other people’s belongings AND that her little sweetie is never, ever wrong AND that mommy can be irresponsible AND mommy can be obnoxious inappropriately AND many other valuable lessons that will come back and bite mommy in the bottom someday.

2 years ago

Feeling like there’s light at the end of the tunnel…

….that, or its a train bearing down on me.

Today it started out cool and breezy and delightful…but it has turned hot and humid like pea soup. We had a heat wave a couple of weeks ago and I was turning the air on every day at 11AM and off at 4:30PM. It was delightful. Then we had a cool spell and we didn’t need the AC. Also delightful. Then the electric bill came: from 2 weeks of 5&1/2 hours a day, 6 days each week a mere 45.00 extra! Not delightful. Ouch…I guess now that it is getting hot again and probably will stay that way through September and I’ll need it every day, it will be 90. + more per month! At least I have AC. I don’t have heat in the winter and that gets old pretty fast.

Our annual event, “Chalk It Up!” is coming up soon. Its the 15th year. So we have this great promotion called “Chalk It Up, Up and Away!” to celebrate this milestone. We are going to draw a mural at the Asheville Airport on the runway that will be filmed and then edited to elicit a time-lapse effect. We’ll have about 30 artists in 3 hours time drawing a pre-conceived image. Because we are doing this in cooperation (and celebration) of the airport’s 50th anniversary, the images will have quite a lot to do with Asheville. I am waaaay excited and hope we pull off something spectacular.


2 years ago
Antique Show on Main

I have been sick for about 6 weeks so I gave up posting but hopefully I’m back and I will begin again.

Today I had to go out and make two deliveries during an event on Main Street. Cody was here so…no problem EXCEPT apparently the cuckoo birds heard I left and felt they could pick the stuffing out of Cody’s inards. Because they were so insane I cannot possibly explain in words what transpired. However, Cody’s reaction to it all was to post on FB ‘anxiety attacks are 50% off at Narnia Studios today.’ Truly a classic Cody.

2 years ago
2 years ago

When you own your own business one of the biggest pitfalls is you can’t get sick. Today I am inundated with orders (thank heavens) for Mother’s day and yet I had to go to the doctor yesterday, a cat scan today, the doctor tomorrow and follow ups. I DON’T HAVE TIME! I CAN”T BE SICK…I’m too busy.

So it is time to compartmentalize-that may be a ‘made up’ word, I’m not sure. It is a good description of what you have to do when there’s too much to do. I’m sure it will all get done, BUT…ahhhhh.

Today is THE day I don’t need ‘visitors’. You know, the ones I mentioned earlier when I have to call myself from my other phone? But they come, they come, they come. My daughter says I am too nice. Can you be too nice? Maybe……..

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