20 hours ago

Filing this under the not kidding category: I askedĀ  this couple where they were from and the man said “Delaware, that’s a state , you know”.

1 day ago

broken knee: SCORE!

2 days ago

Great Easter Sunday…..we had the usual Thanksgiving meal! Missed my Chicago babies, tho.

4 days ago
Happy, Happy, Happy!

I love being at work! It seems like most people don’t like working or only tolerate it. I think that’s the secret to success but also contentment.

I ripped the crud out of my knee last Saturday night at church of all places. My fault, of course. Why does EVERY wound I incur makes me seem like an idiot? Had the MRI yesterday. They gave me the images to give to the doctor. Naturally, I looked at them (about 100 different views). If it is as bad as it feels and looks on the xrays, I am in BIG trouble!

helloooooo! I forgot how fun this was….I’m baaaack….

2 years ago
alrighty…not kidding

Same woman from this morning calls back. acts like she hasn’t already called and orders the same exact thing for the funeral home and sounded completely rational. Go figure.


First call of the morning: a lady wants a huge, massive gorgeous flower and plant arrangement in a natural basket for a funeral home. She wants to know what is the largest, best arrangement and most money. 150., is the most you should spend because it will be spectacular and anything more is not necessary. Oh what if you spend $100.? (?) Of course, it will be beautiful.”Well, I only want to spend 100.00 w/ delivery and tax.”Okay I figure that out and say, that would be an 85. arrangement plus 6.50 delivery plus tax will bring you close to 100. She asks, is that going to be big? Is that going to be glorious?Me:Yes ma’am. If you only spent 25.00 we would make it beautiful. It would be small but beautiful. “Oh, its going to be small for 100.00?” No, I was just saying we make sure all of our flowers are beautiful when they go out the door even if they are only 25.00. So I try to change the subject. “what would you like to say on the card?” She: I don’t know if all this will fit or not…and then she gives me three lines of verse rapid fire to which I say: yes that will all fit but I only caught the first line. Can you repeat the second and third line? She does that. I say okay, how would you like to sign the card? Her reply:just cancel this just cancel it. ??????? I hope she calls back some day and tells me her medication was too strong ….OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WOULD HELP WITH AN EXPLANATION. Did I ask too many questions? I am WAAAAY confused.

2 years ago

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